International trade increasingly accessible to all

Learn to export agile


International trade is complex and we are always looking for ways to simplify it and make it more accessible to people and organizations.

In the average company, the process of exporting a product is composed of  fragmented tasks traditionally manually made,without traceability of processes, documents and information or a connection between people participating in.

Technology has a fundamental role to play in this problem : making the process more agile for companies to export their products.

Digital tools also are essential for acquiring the training, knowlegde and practice in the international trade operations. These digital tools allow us:

  •     To know the complete flow of international sales,  internal processes (people involved in the export company) and  external processes  (export actors).

  •     To acquire the skills to manage the complete process from the customer offer requirement up to the material delivery and follow-up of payment.

  •     To understand the sales contract clauses and its implications in the operational and documentary logistics.

  •     To coordinate shipments in an efficient way, reducing risks due to lack of information, mistakes in information flow or delays due to complexities of logistics chain.

  •     To be efficient in the preparation of commercial documents, basic to goods expedition , with the documents assistant.

  •     To perform an efficient documentary and information management for each export.

Keys to understand and reduce complexity in exports: international trade is easy if we are connected

  • Knowledge of the ecosystem and to know how to connect with it (customers, suppliers, partners).

  • Working in a collaborative way allows to save costs, structure and time.

  • Information accesible to all those involved in exports. The visualization of the whole process in real time and the immediate access to information is key to make it easy and efficient.

  • Digital and collaborative tools that automate repetitive tasks and connect the people involved.

  • Standardization of the processes to increase productivity and efficiency. We follow the procedures to remove mistakes and solve incidences in a predictive way.

En Eintrade creamos formas innovadoras de aprender y trabajar en comercio internacional. Con nuestro software es posible gestionar fácilmente operaciones triangulares, emitir documentos sin errores y configurar alertas para exportaciones con carta de crédito documentario, y otras funcionalidades que nos ahorran tiempo y esfuerzo.

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